Modal Survey v1.9.7.9 – WordPress Feedbacks & Polls Plugin


Modal Survey v1.9.7.9 WordPress Plugin provides the opportunity to hear your visitors voice through an attention grabber poll. Unlimited surveys, questions and answers helps to get any information, then display it by a stunning progress bar, beauty pie chart or a simple text format.

Features contains the option to embed the poll to your content or display it as a modal style, like a popup. Success of a website highly depends on the visitors, therefore customer satisfaction is the key to improve the content.

Modal Survey gives you the power to create any Customer Satisfaction or Customer Feedback Survey on your pages easily with the Visual Poll Builder.

Increasing the sales with Product Recommendation Polls is so easy. The plugin support conditional statements, that allows you to display a specific message or redirect the browser to any page based on the answer scores.

Supports Business Evaluation Tests or even Personality Tests with categories, that can be displayed on different chart types. Both of the answers and questions can be organized to categories, then the chart will display the results based on the category scores.

The plugin customization features allows to create unlimited poll styles with many of settings and options. Width and position can be specified simply and colors as well. This type of the questionnaire you can see below, using the 40% of the full width, but you can set any sizes and positions around the screen, even it would be the top, middle or the bottom of the page. Visual Builder helps you on admin to design a well-looking poll and attract your customers to vote instantly with your modern, AJAX-based survey.

– changed Auto-Complete option to disabled by default
– fixed minor bugs in conditional shortcodes and plain text shortcodes to display the category scores based on the latest completion from the same user
– improved user selections on the Participants Page
– added action hooks and filters
– added option to divide questions to sections in embed mode with display=”question number in section”, like [modalsurvey id=”12345″ style=”flat” display=”2″]
– added progression circle to display plain percentages (final score, category score)

Features Modal Survey v1.9.7.9 – WordPress Feedbacks & Polls Plugin

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