Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer v3.16.9


Customize Your Own Icon Fonts – We understand you don’t use all those hundreds of prebuilt unnecessary icons that come with any of those popular libraries like Font Awesome, Entypo, etc; but you care more about only the few ones that relate to your business more.

That’s why, we’ve made our Icon Fonts Manager very compatible with the famous IcoMoon’s APIs where you can create your own customize font by shortlisting your favorite icons from the choice of FREE 2500+ icons! If those 2500+ icons still fall short, IcoMoon will still cover you with their amazing feature that helps you convert your SVG designs in the Icon Fonts.

Real Time Icon Search - Okay, many of us would like big numbers & more choices of icons, wouldn’t we? Though this choice is really very fancy, it certainly comes with a pain as we can’t easily find the icon that we are looking for when we need it. And that’s why we have integrated a real time search feature which can help you sort through all the Icon Fonts you have in your library very smartly.

More features on the way! As said earlier – Icon Fonts Manager is our individual, long term project; and we look forward adding more features in it with time such as integration with WordPress’s Menu, TinyMCE editor, etc. When these features will be developed – they will be provided in this plugin as well.

March 07 – v3.16.9
- Fix: Token invalid error appearing for some users when activating the license. We apologize for the inconvenience.
- Fix: Dual button icon images not aligned to center.
- Fix: Dual button second button linking to the first buttons link.
- Fix: Dual button first button background size option not working when “Design your own” option is selected.
- Fix: Advanced Tabs causing Javascript errors on pages with anchors with # links.
- Fix: Advanced button “rel” option not working.
- Fix: Some users having issues with appear animations not triggering correctly when the row/element is in the viewport.

Features Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer v3.16.9